Shedoon (not pictured)

(owned by Alison Tyler) whelped a litter of six bitch puppies and two male puppies the first week of March.

Alison is travelling a lot for work, so I am assisting in placing them.

There are four bitch puppies and one male puppy available. Please contact me for further information.

The photos are of Soumana, the remaining male puppy.



Anonymous said...

you know me... gotta ask
is Fasiqqui in behind this girl?????
I have more to say.............
hugs - me

azawakh place said...

Hey Sweetie,

Yeah, Shedoon is Afsoon (Kaisoon X Iman) X Sheshonq (Fasiqqi X Chenna)...

Wanna hear what you have to add?

big hugs back, me

Anonymous said...

got it! just knew it having Fasiqqi babies too!
LIKE THIS BOY... glad you could read my reference to "girl" back to his dam.. dah on that!
and sorry for spelling FASIQQI wrong too
you know me and white... oh oh.. and I know you and white!
hugs moiXO