Shedoon's (and her puppies') dam line in images...starting with

her dam Afsoon, daughter of Iman, daughter of Jana, daughter of Tarada, daughter of Jaba, daughter of Caira, daughter of Al Hara, daughter of Laca, daughter of Lara (the desert bred foundress of the 'Yugoslavian' strain in Europe).

Tarada, bred by Gabriele Meissen, was my first Azawakh bitch. Al hamdullilah.


Anonymous said...

this is STUNNING to look at, and enjoy
what a wonderful group of females behind this breeding - absolutely SPOT ON!
thanks for doing the leg work for anyone considering one of the pups
hugs from up north!
me and pack

azawakh place said...

Hey Sweetie,

Well, I thought it might be interesting. And you know me with the dam line thing...

hug reaching all the way up north....XOD