Tahatmellet Idiiyat-es-Sahel

Al hamdullilah. Today Noowairah whelped one male puppy. I didn't think she had many inside...she didn't even look very pregnant...but well, I was thinking more like two...or three max? Nope, one puppy. The sire is Tamahan, a male gifted to me by Ayad ag Inachanan, Tin Akoff, Burkina Faso. I brought Tamahan back from the 2007 ABIS Expedition. Tamahan is a grandson of the legendary Taikoussou, as well as a nephew of Taikoussou's daughter Hatshepsut (also a gift from my friend Ayad), the first desert-bred out-cross in my breeding program and the source of one of my principal dam lines. Noowairah was a gift to me from her breeder Kelly Daniels (Clarity Kennels, VA) and is out of Azabina, a bitch Kelly imported from Sweden. Noowairah was sired by Kaisoon Al-Ifriqiya (a grandson of Hatshepsut) who passed away just before Noowairah was bred to Tamahan (more about the interesting lineage of Tamahan in another post...Insh'Allah). Tahatmellet was named for one of the sub-kels (clans) of the Kel Adagh. In Tamasheq it means "those of the white horses". OK, so I'm a name freak. May he live long and thrive, Insh'Allah. Al hamdullilah.

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