...but wind so bad today its a miracle the pictures made it through the ether...will caption later...thanks out to Brian for explaining to me how to use the keypad instead of the mouse for cropping, etc. I was getting really frustrated with the BAD MOUSE thing. Turned out it was my ignorance. So the mouse is off the hook. For the moment.

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Brian Reiter said...

You shouldn't feel bad. First of all The GIMP photo editor is both powerful and free, but it has been ridiculed for years for being obtuse and unintuitive to use. A lot of perfectly notmal people find a track pad unintuitive and difficult to use. It makes my hand cramp if I use a track pad on a notebook computer all day.

I generally spend such a retarded amount of time in front of the computer that I have a mouse on each side. I make myself switch between right and left handed mousing or else one of my hands will settle into a permanent ache. Fatigue is also why I do so many things via keyboard shortcuts or command-line interface (like DOS) rather than the mouse.