recent photos of Ishagahan


Anonymous said...

so happy to see him growing - thanks for posting
he looks like he is doing well and having fun!!!
hugs from Andra and hounds up north

azawakh place said...

I am happy to see it too dear Andra!~ Amole is also growing like a weed...but she is never still even for a moment...it is a challenge to get decent photos of her..D

Anonymous said...

but you take such great and wonderful shots... I know you will catch her in a good one at some point
hugs from us!

Brian Reiter said...

Ishagahan looks good and happy. Are the other dogs in the photos Ali's? I hope all is well with you. We are on holiday in the English countryside and my nephew is house/dog sitting in Ghana.

Ma'as salaama.

PS. I just tried to invite you into the google+ private beta. I hope that worked.

azawakh place said...

salaam Brian...great to hear from you...yeah, Ali's puppies except Amole is in one photo...have fun holidaying! ma asalaamou