an update on Firdausi

Firdausi is now standing at Sahara Arabians in Dixon, California.

I would not be able to adequately express my gratitude to Tamer el Saadany, Firdausi's new owner, nor to Melissa Huprich (Lotus Bloodstock Arabians), who bred Firdausi and who worked tirelessly for many months to place him in a new home. It is obvious from this one photo that Tamer cares deeply for him.

Firdausi is standing as a fund-raiser for underprivileged horses in Egypt. I hope some of you will consider making a contribution to this worthy cause. Please contact Mr. Saadany for further information.

Photo: Tamer el Saadany.


Melissa Huprich said...

I was glad to be able to help find Firdausi a home. I am very happy that he's got such a good home with Tamer at Sahara Arabians. You all have my best wishes for his continued success and happiness.

Teresa said...

I cannot believe that this is the same horse that was in Mimis care (or lack there of)! He is absolutely spectacular!! I know Arabs as my father bred them for years, and I have to say the change in this horse is nothing short of incredible! Thank goodness he has this wonderful new home!! He is very typey and outstanding!!!!