I have struggled...

...with the question of whether it is ethical for me to use my blog as a forum to promote the work of The Azawakh Club of America. I've decided it is. I am the President of the Club. I worked closely with Brian Reiter (the Club's first Secretary) in 2008 to resurrect the club from its dormant state. The club was established by Corine Lundqvist in 1998 but had lain dormant since Corine's return to her homeland of France. As can be seen on the Club website, we currently have six Board Members. Each has contributed significantly towards the club's reformation. The mission of the Club is the preservation, welfare and advancement of the sighthounds of Africa's Sahel (Azawakh). Our first Journal was published on June 1st of this year. Though I encourage anyone interested in the Azawakh to purchase the Journal (the proceeds from sales help to further the primary mission of the Club), I believe the information has an importance that transcends the limitations of a printed Journal. We strongly believe the information should be available to everyone. For this reason we have started to publish the contents of the Journal to our website. To date two articles have been published. I hope you will check back often as we will continue to publish more articles and sections of the Journal. The Azawakh Club welcomes feedback at letters@theazawakhclub.com.

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