I am very excited...

...about the mating of Takute Al-Ifriqiya (Kusaylah Al-Ifriqiya X Iman Al-Ifriqiya) to Django (top two photos), a male Azawakh imported from the Sahel in February 2007 by Alberto Rossi, Tigidit Azawakh, Italy. Takute is owned by Gabriele Meissen, Tombouktou's Azawakh, Germany. This will be Takute's third, Insh'Allah, and final litter.

I feel Gabriele's decision to breed Django to Takute took courage, foresight and a deeply felt concern for and commitment to the future of the Azawakh in the west. Takute herself has no "titles", and Django is a desert bred Azawakh.

For me, Django is a very good example of a typical African born Azawakh. I believe the infusion of his genes into the western gene pool represents yet another positive step towards the preservation of the archetypal Azawakh, a type rapidly being lost in the west. I applaud Gabriele for her work and I pray Takute whelps a litter of strong, beautiful puppies, Insh'Allah.

Django lived at my home in Georgia for several months during the period after being brought out of Africa and before being shipped to his home with Alberto in Italy. I loved Django and hated to see him go. For me it is an answer to a prayer that Takute is now pregnant after being bred to Django. Al hamdullilah.

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Anonymous said...

awesome, looking forward to seeing the litter
Andra and hounds

Anonymous said...

I'm getting a puppy from this phenomenal breeding. At least one, maybe even two. I hope Azawakh folks serious about preserving these animals will get in line for a puppy from Takuté's last litter - it's unlikely we will find such a breeding again. Akilah