Marya and Mimi come to visit....

and these are some photos of their dogs. Some of the photos were taken by Mimi. From top: three photos of Tahatmellet (owned by Mimi Drake [Tamahan/db X Noowairah]), one of desert bred Chomeissa (brought out of Africa by Marya Morales), four photos of Tadawelt (owned by Marya Morales [Kaisoon Al-Ifriqiya X Imouyene Idiiyat-es-Sahel]), three of Enayat (bred by Gabriele Meissen, imported by Mimi [Al-Hara's Vakuru X Takute Al-Ifriqiya]) and two of Iferouane (owned by Mimi [Fasiqqi X Tiraout/db). Al hamdullilah.

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