an excerpt from an interview...

...I did back in 2006 with the Norwegian Sighthound magazine Norsk Myndeklubb. With Kristin Roaas, Nowegian Saluki breeder, and Eva Kristine Wiik (publisher):

* What is your goal as a breeder?

My primary mission as a breeder of Azawakh is to conserve the aboriginal type of the dogs; not to change them, but rather to find clients who have the temperament required to adapt themselves to the particular needs of the Azawakh. The dogs exist today, as they have for thousands of years, as an integral element of certain west African (Sahelian) cultures. I continually struggle to improve the quality of my thinking about the dogs. In order to increase my potential for breeding dogs who closely resemble their African relatives, I believe it is necessary to learn as much as possible about the culture, history, and environment of the dogs in the Sahel. To put them ”in context” is of utmost importance if one hopes to maintain the integrity of the race. Out of context they are nothing more than beautiful dogs....and there are many beautiful dogs. There is only one Azawakh.

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