I resigned in mid-August as the President of The Azawakh Club. I had been thinking about it for a long while. Given all the stuff that happened during the past year, I realized that my presence had in many ways become a liability. My resignation was important for the Club and especially for the Members, the people who really matter in all this. I just felt it was time for me and the Club to move on.

I am proud of what we accomplished during my tenure but also disappointed that we failed to meet some of our short term goals. I am responsible for this and I regret I couldn't do more. After having been stung and disheartened by public attacks which also compromised my ability to perform my duties, I simply lost any real passion for building the Club.

I hope that the Club will continue to exist, firmly and with dignity and honor, and fulfill its unique mission to serve as a global fraternity of individuals dedicated to the preservation and advancement of the Azawakh.

Others will take over; I'm confident they will do a fine job.

And I will always wish the best for the Club, its Members and, most of all, the Azawakh.

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