...so I had a moment. I was so furious last night I couldn't see straight anymore. But last night's sleep and some coffee this morning have helped me to calm down. The wise words of Ulla Keller reminded me of something very important. Ulla and I don't know each other, I am sad to say, but she posted a comment to my blog this morning, part of which read: hatred and revenge are only obstacles to one's own happiness.

I am hot-blooded by nature: alert, stubborn, fierce when roused. But I am also the opposite: weary, flexible, and well, peace-loving.

Maybe it's a bi-polar thing. I mean medicine can only mask just so much.

I have to let it go. Yes, hyenas are irritating. But truly it is hatred and revenge that are the real enemies.

My real friends know me. And wise people can see. That's good enough for me.

Al hamdullilah.

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